The EP 2510 Piston Sprayer is ideal for latex through heavy architectural coatings, dry fall and block fillers. Good multi-gun rig. Ideal for heavy commerical, industrial and maintenance applications. 

Use with products with a flash point of 70o F / 21oc or greater.


Coatings: Latex, oil base, enamel, elastomeric, heavy architectural coatings, block filler, dry fall.

  • Easy two-gun hook-up
  • Includes 25' x 3/8" hose


Part Number 0294012
Output 1.25 gpm
Max. pressure 3000 psi
Max. tip size 1 gun - 0.035", 2-guns-0.023"
Motor 1.5 HP
Stroke length 1.83"
Max. hose length 300'
Max. extension cord (12 guage)  200'
Weight 110 lbs.

Product Information